In a world dominated by video marketing, video content creation is one of the most important areas in any marketing department. Companies spend millions of dollars each year to successfully defend their brands and promote their products or services through video content.

Video marketing becomes more and more popular. No matter you are an independent video creator, a small advertising agency, or even a giant brand company, you have to make some videos to promote you and your “Products”. Under such a trend, we need to analyze how to catch more views and audiences via a short video.

After we observed more than one thousand videos from TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook, we found that they all have a common ground – proper and suitable background music. But not all kinds of music are free to use. If you don’t have the budget to obtain the license, we’d like to advise royalty-free music.

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Benefits of Royalty-Free Music

Too much we talked about above. Only to lead to the topic we are going to discuss – the benefits of royalty-free music for videos.

#1 Benefit: Re-use of the music

First, it’s important to understand that royalty-free music is usually distributed under a license. Simply put, you can avoid the cooperation and lengthy negotiations with music labels, producers, and music writers – everything is already done for you.

All you need to do is purchase an appropriate license. Here, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the options are vast. On an average website dealing with royalty-free music distribution, you can find 3 to 5 license options, not to mention annual subscriptions.

Some licenses only allow you to purchase one track and use it once. This will work for you if you don’t plan to create videos in the future and your goal is to create a video and finish it.

The most popular licenses give you the right to purchase many tracks and at the same time, you get the right to use them an unlimited number of times. Think about any author’s YouTube channel you watch. Each of them has some sort of musical theme that plays during splash screens and intermissions – that’s exactly how the author of that channel got the rights to that track and can now use it as much as he wants.

So buying royalty-free music under this license will, in fact, with very few exceptions, give you lifetime rights to that track. Annual subscriptions usually give you access to the entire library of tracks for a year.

#2 Benefit: Saving time on music pick

This point comes, to some degree, from the previous point. After visiting an online royalty-free music library site, you will find that the creators have done their best to save you time.

A good platform of this type will value your time by providing you with easy browsing of the repertoire library and an advanced search engine that allows you to customize your queries as accurately as possible. You can filter tracks by genre, mood, the purpose of use, type of instrument used in it, etc. Thus, a person who knows exactly what he or she needs will easily find exactly those tracks that suit his or her purpose.

In addition, a good royalty-free music platform makes it possible for people to listen to samples of songs before making a purchase. That way, as a final check, you can listen to the tracks to make sure you’re finding exactly what you need. Add to that the ability to purchase a collection of tracks for a particular task, and you’ll see how much time such platforms save you.

#3 Benefits: Cost-effectiveness

That’s right, besides saving you time, buying royalty-free music is more profitable than working with a musician or author to find a new order.

Of course, you’re unlikely to get Hans Zimmer’s number to write backing vocals for your new promo. However, any job costs money, and music creation is a valuable part of the process.

Platforms that own royalty-free music buy such tracks in bulk and distribute them under a license, which allows them to significantly reduce the price of the music. So, of course, the cost of a license varies from site to site, but, as a rule, it is not some prohibitive amount. Moreover, by paying a conditional $25 per license, you will be able to get not one song, but a large number of tracks. Thus, your benefits are greatly increased.