Chrisian Rock For The Hardcore Kids

Christian hardcore is a subgenre of hardcore punk primarily distinguished by its lyrical focus on Christian themes and values, although former Burden of a Day guitarist Bryan Honhart has suggested that the genre also possesses sonic distinctions

[wvc_album_tracklist][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”download” title=”August Burns Red – “Back Burner“” duration=”3:43″ mp3=”″][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Owl City – Fireflies” duration=”3:52″ mp3=”″][wvc_album_tracklist_item title=”Rend Co. Kids – Feels Good (Upbeat Song)” duration=”3:31″ mp3=”″][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”download” title=”Rend Co. Kids – King of Me” duration=”2:20″ mp3=”″][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”download” title=”The Devil Wears Prada – Born To Lose” duration=”3:14″ mp3=”″][wvc_album_tracklist_item action=”download” title=”Underoath – Writing On The Walls” duration=”4:03″ mp3=”″][/wvc_album_tracklist]

Christian Rock for the Hardcore Kids

Release Date : November 6, 2021
Format : Digital Download