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Halloween music is spooky music that fits the holiday scene. Halloween music evokes ghosts, goblins, witches, and other sounds that create an eerie atmosphere. Whether in a haunted house or at a Halloween party, the music is great for a vacation mood.

Free music for Halloween downloads is listed below. Use this background music for videos, youtube, etc…


Free Music for Halloween Party Background Music

Halloween Skeleton-free music for Halloween

#1 Dancing Skeletons  By Steve Oxen

Quirky, fun, mischievous Halloween-themed track with xylophone, theremin, tuba, and pizzicato strings.

  1. Dancing Skeletons - Steve Oxen2:05

#2 Haunted Carnival  By Steve Oxen

Spooky halloween-themed orchestral waltz with a fairground/circus atmosphere.

  1. Haunted Carnival - Steve Oxen2:02
Halloween Ghost

#3 Ghost Stories  By Steve Oxen

Ominous Halloween track with piano and spooky ambience

  1. Ghost Stories - Steve Oxen2:51
Halloween Ghouls

#4 Groovy Ghouls By Steve Oxen

Funky 60s-style Halloween track with the spooky theremin.

  1. Groovy Ghouls - Steve Oxen2:19
Halloween phantom-free music for Halloween

#5 Phantom In The Organ By Steve Oxen

The perfect soundtrack for a spooky haunted mansion.

  1. Phantom In The Organ - Steve Oxen2:18
halloween pumpkin

#6 Fantasy Ambience By David Fesliyan

Fantasy Ambience loop which can be used for video game menus and more.

  1. Fantasy Ambience - David Fesliyan1:25

Here is some free music for Halloween to download. You can use them at your Halloween party or Halloween video background music. If you want more Halloween tracks, welcome to visit and listen to our discography.

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